Colsolidated Reports

  1. CIR Statements
    Consolidates reports for your accounts under our management. No changes can be made, this site is for reporting only. If you need to create an account, the temporary password is: Indiana1.
  2. Historical Values
    Track historical balances of all accounts, even ones we don't manage!.

    Mutual Fund Companies

  1. American Funds
    Access/modify accounts held directly with American Funds. You can make an electronic deposit, change your auto-invest plan, add a new bank account...just about anything you would need.
  2. Franklin Templeton
    Access your accounts held directly with Franklin Templeton. They don't have a tremendous amount of
  3. Ivy Funds
    Access your accounts held directly with Ivy Funds.
  4. Indiana 529

  5. CollegeChoice
    Access/modify your CollegeCoice Indiana 529 College Savings Account. You can make a electronic contributions, change your auto-invest plan, add a new bank account...just about anything you would need.
  6. uGift
    Ugift is an easy, free-to-use service that lets account owners suggest that family and friends celebrate children's milestones with the gift of college savings in lieu of traditional gifts. All gift contributions sent in to Ugift are invested into the beneficiary's 529 plan account and are to be used only for college and college-related expenses (as per laws that govern use of 529 plan assets).

    Financial Planning

  1. Financial Planning Portal
    Access your Financial Planning Client portal. If you lost your password or need one, just send us an email & we'll hook you up!
  2. Data Collection Questionnaire
    This questionnaire covers most of the information I will need to start on paperwork and/or a financial plan. If it asks for a temporary password use: Indiana1.


  1. DocuSign
    Access any forms that you have signed with DocuSign eSignature.
  2. Send Files
    Use this tool if you need to send us files for any reason. You may want to follow it up with an email or a phone call so we know what to do with it!
  3. Document Vault
    Securely store documents in our encrypted vault.
  4. Forms

  5. Thrift Savings Plan(TSP)
    Many of the forms needed for TSP accounts can be found here.
  6. CollegeChoice
    Blank forms can be found here. We are happy to help you complete these!